2023 - In-Store Team Member

  • Kelmscott
  • Dominos

Domino’s in-store team members are the ‘cheese’ that holds our pizza together. Responsible for preparing fresh pizza dough, taking customers’ orders either over the phone or in-person and ensuring each pizza is made with love and pride – Domino’s in-store teams are essential to making sure our ‘pizza-verse’ goes ‘round. In-store team members are also responsible for helping to cut and box piping hot pizzas fresh out of the oven, dispatch deliveries before they are hustled out the door, safely prepare food and assist other team members on different pizza stations. In-store responsibilities: Meeting and greeting customers both on the phone and in person Serving customers Upselling menu items and products Processing payments Quality control of pizzas and other food items Safely preparing pizzas and other food items Assisting fellow team members during service General cleaning duties Fun fact: Did you know that Domino’s holds a ‘Pizza Making Competition’ every year at the Company’s annual Rally event? In 2020, a Domino’s team from Victoria took home the championship after carefully preparing two Meatlovers, two Supreme and two Hawaiian pizzas in a record time of 54.14 seconds!